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A process to transfer a raw material (rod, sheet, plate) or an object (preliminarily formed by casting or forging) to an intended from with certain configuration and sizes by using several machines and tools.

Surface treatment

It is a process to improve a property of machined material's surface by implying physical/chemical effect. For this surface treatment, an object to be plated is set to the negative pole while metal material which will be used for plating is set to positive pole. Then, the object and material are immersed into a plating liquid containing ion. And, direct current is applied in order for the metal to be extracted and become a surface of the object.

Measurement and inspection

It is a process to measure the product's shape and size according to drawing's size and precision level. And the measured value is used to judge if the value is in accordance with drawing.

Assembly and test

It is a process to assemble tens of processed parts into one finished product, and to conduct a test for its function (rate of fire, muzzle velocity) endurance (wear resistance), level of dispersion (precision of Barrel) and environment (high-temperature, low-temperature, dust and foreign substances, salt spray test) for its quality assurance.


Hammer Forging

It is a processing method to form a rifle with mandrel shape. For the process, a mandrel (which is machined to have an opposite shape with rifle) is injected into a material of cylindrical barrel. And, the exterior of the material is stricken with a hammer while rotating the material. As the method is a cold forging, the life cycle is long and its organization is very strong, providing superior endurance. Therefore, it is appropriate for manufacturing a precision firearm product.
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