With dreams and efforts of researchers, we are doing our best to secure high quality and new-technology.
Also, as a global leader, we are leading a new product research.


In order to guarantee the quality requested by customer, we have been implementing thorough quality control based on ISO9001, ISO14001, TSI6949, the National Defense Quality Management System and SQ processor.

Inspection Equipment

  • 3D Measuring Equipment Automatic measurement system using a high-quality reliable measuring technique which precisely and swiftly measure the length.
  • Hardness Tester A test to evaluate the level of tenderness and hardness of material in order to ensure the effect of metal’s heat treatment and homogeneity.
  • Vision Measuring Equipment Optical measurement system utilizing high-solution/definition camera.
  • Surface Roughness Measuring Equipment Evaluate the micro-roughness of surface which is generated during the process of metal surface finishing.
  • Shape Measuring Equipment An equipment to measure the micro-surface (contour) by contacting a stylus to product's form.
  • Bore Scope Equipment which is applied camera lens system inspects microscopic defects inside wire of rifle barrel with high magnification and high resolution.
  • Metal Microscope Measuring Equipment which identify and analyze the characteristic of material.(shape, size, and properties of alloy materials or metallic materials)
  • Component Analyzer An equipment to analyze quantitative structure element contained in metal specimen.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment A non-destructive investigation equipment used to detect surface defect by magnetizing a ferromagnetic specimen and distributing magnetic particle.
  • Universal Tensile Test Equipment An equipment to evaluate metal material’s mechanical property, including tensile, compressing and curve.
  • X-RAY An equipment to investigate the shape and size of internal defect via non-destructive method using radiation penetration.