With dreams and efforts of researchers, we are doing our best to secure high quality and new-technology.
Also, as a global leader, we are leading a new product research.


In order to guarantee the quality requested by customer, we have been implementing thorough quality control based on ISO9001, ISO14001, TSI6949, the National Defense Quality Management System and SQ processor.


  • Function test Rate of fire R/mm Muzzle velocity (Bullet velocity) Bullet jamming in case of automatic fire
  • Endurance test Endurance check for firearms’ part and function check for firearm according to TOP standard
  • Test for the level of dispersion Barrel check
  • Environment Available at high temperature Available at low temperature Dust and sand test Salt water and water spray test

Shooting test equipment

  • Measuring equipment for the rate of fire
  • Measuring equipment for the level of dispersion
  • High pressure bullet tester
  • High/Low temperature chamber
  • Dust and sand chamber
  • Water spray tester
  • Measuring device for pull force of trigger
  • Thermal explosion measuring equipment